Info for Newbies

I am often asked for "additional information" without specifics from newbies

  • Firstly, read are FAQ and Rules on our website
  • The first thing is to get to a party. Once you walk inside you will breath a sigh of relief. The apprehension is all about the unknown and that will evaporate. Just normal people. No loud, pushy types.
  • Come with an open mind. That applies not just with the obvious - that there will be casual sex on view - but also with any scenarios you envisage. Parties can have different people and a different vibe. If you have a narrow vision you may go away empty handed. Try to have a broad spectrum of the type of people and the activity you would like to do. For example age, race, body type, one on one, couple with couple, group, bunch of guys, in private, in view.
  • If you do not manage to tick off a fantasy with your ideal people then still have a flirt, a perve, maybe a play. Set the groundwork for another visit
  • Set your own rules and limits together before you arrive - but be open to making mutually agreeable changes as the evening progresses.
  • Guys, don't push your ladies. If your lady does not want to be here then stay home. We can do without the tension.
  • There will be other newbies, there will be people who do not play and stay fully dressed all night. People will approach you and you have the option of engaging them or a polite "No thanks". Regulars especially know how it works and won't be offended.
  • Come dressed smart. Some ladies do the corset/stockings thing but mostly a nice low cut dress does the trick.
  • When you are here, stay standing while you have a drink. Don't sit, especially in a corner. It makes you very unapproachable. When you are standing people will have to walk around you and at the very least acknowledge you. For example they could maybe bump against you, to which you can respond. Little things like this get dialogue started.