FAQ: For Virgins and the Just Plain Curious
Couples and singles ratio
Saturday night parties are for couples and single ladies with just a few select single guys to cater to the inevitable greedier girls.
They are active parties where 75% to 90% people play

Hump Wednesday daytime parties have evolved into a Greedy Girls party with about a three to one ratio guys to girls. They are very active parties where almost everyone chooses to play. Lots of group action

No single guys over 50yo at any party (with the occasional select exception). All single guys must submit a photo first

This is probably the safest place to party in SEQ!
NO drunks,
NO drugs and most importantly
NO means NO
Don't touch before you ask.

FAQ: Swing Virgins
Time to pluck up the courage. You will discover friendly, normal, considerate people - just like you who - will be only too happy to welcome you to our world... we were all party virgins once.

FAQ: What Expect
Our parties provide a relaxed, intimate and no-pressure environment.
Guests have a few drinks, mix and mingle, maybe a bit of flirting and if they hit it off can go into one of the rooms and have a play. Or do it more publicly.
Having said that, you can stand around fully dressed with a drink in your hand all night and not be out of place.
If you just wish to visit, relax and chat with some new friends and not participate in anything else, you are very welcome.
The first time visiting our type of party can be very daunting. There will be others who are also there for the first time.
No pressure, no organised activities. You do what you want to do at your pace.
At most venues there are open and closed rooms. You can play in view or in private

FAQ: Refreshments
Nibbles and soft drinks are provided free as are glasses and ice
BYO alcohol
It will help if you bring your drinks in an insulated bag

FAQ: Safe Sex and Hygiene
Condoms use is the norm. They are provided free of charge. Lube is also supplied.
Clean towels and showers.

FAQ: Entry
Upon entry you will be asked to "sign in" with a first name (and email address if you wish to kept up to date)
This event is for 18+ only. You may also be asked for photo ID

FAQ: Flying Solo
Single men should book ahead to enable us to keep the girl/guy ratio at a workable level.

FAQ: Twin Share
Both experienced and new couples are welcome at our parties.

FAQ: Dress (or undress!)
Dress to pick up! Smart casual to risque. If you've got it, flaunt it.

FAQ: Privacy
Like you, people attending parties such as this also want confidentiality. You will find fellow partygoers very discreet. Some do not divulge their real names at parties.
No phones inside.
No cameras unless specifically agreed by those involved and in a closed room
The venue is in a residential area so consideration of our neighbours is paramount

FAQ: Exchanging contact details at parties
I have no problem with people exchanging contact details at parties
I do have a problem with being asked the next day to do it for you