Join "Seqsparties" our Secret Facebook Group
Why join our secret Facebook Group?
You can post items, photos and contact other members of the group

What is a secret Facebook Group?
A secret group is only viewable by members. It will not show up on a search of Facebook by non members
Memberships are controlled by the administrator (me)
To keep things nice and not upset Facebook all posts have to be first approved by the administrator (me)

Will my mum know I am a member?
My research says no activity you have with the secret group will show on your Facebook page.
(You should however make your own enquiries if you are concerned.)

Members of the secret group are listed on the secret group's page.
The Facebook profile you joined the group with will be viewable by other members of the secret group.

Join our secret Facebook group
In the "Message" field of our Contact Form include the email address of your Facebook profile.
I will instigate an invitation through the group and you will receive an email from Facebook requesting you confirm.